Spa In Italy: Discover The Healing Waters

italian spa
spa in italy
Italian soil is rich of thermal springs which are connected to spas that offer a vast range of treatments for healing, beauty and wellness.

Ahead of their time, the Romans discovered the benefits of thermal baths by the first century including its many healing properties, stress management and relaxation.

The Roman attention to design and architectural detail created within the space a sense of relaxation and intimacy. The spas were elaborated by an entranceway with restrooms, exercise areas, a primitive version of a locker room, saunas and steam rooms, and three deep basin pools filled with water of different temperatures: one hot, one warm to tepid and one cold. Through the various rooms, guests could benefit from Roman thermal baths in nearly identical ways to how visitors to the modern version of the spa do today.

What is thermal water?

Thermal water is hot mineral spring water which contains significant levels of dissolved mineral salts that have been absorbed from the soil and terrain over which the water comes into contact during the course of its journey to the surface of the land. Thermal water usually has a temperature higher than 20°C.

What minerals can you find in thermal water?

Depending on the journey that the water takes and which rocks they cross, thermal water can be rich in sulfur,calcium, iodine, magnesium, and many other mineral elements. These mineral salts permeate the water with curative properties. It encourages and stimulates the metabolic balance and the functional regeneration of the body, which is all too often run down by the stress of modern living.

Why go to a thermal spa in Italy?

The wonderful climate and the beauty of the scenery, makes Italy the perfect place to restore your energy levels!. People of any age can seek relaxation and indulge in wellness treatments in the extensive spa facilities that have been developed around the thermal springs. You can benefit from the thermal waters in a numbers of ways by bathing, drinking or inhaling them. They are used also as a base for mud baths and other beauty treatments.

Thermal water has therapeutic benefits for the following conditions:

Skin, gastrointestinal, gynecological, vascular, ear nose throat and respiratory tract, metabolic, cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases.

Where in Italy can you find the Thermal Spas?

Italy is a country extremely rich in thermal springs, concentrated especially in the central regions and the south of the country.  If you're looking for a holiday that combines culture and wellness then here is a list of our favourite spas from around Italy.

Terme Merano
Location: Trentino
Water: Contains radon, pumped from Monte San Vigilio near Merano and used for therapeutic purposes.
Benefits: Soothing and pain-relieving , dilatation, respiratory system, allergy sufferers.
Treatments: The nature experience- Apple, grape, whey, wool, herbs and hay, mountain pine. Inhalation and Baths. Homeopathy, physiotherapy and dermatology.

Antiche Terme di San Teodoro
Location: Campania
Water:  Sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earth, sulphureous, rich in carbon dioxide.
Benefits: Skin, respiratory system, digestive system,circulatory system, locomotor system.
Treatments: Mud and bath treatments , hydromassage, inhalation therapy , insufflation, pulmonary ventilation, mineral water treatments, draining massage, phytotherapy, aromatic baths.

Terme di Fontecchio
Location: Umbria
Water: Bicarbonate-alkaline-sulphurous
Benefits: Arto Rheumatic diseases, dermatology, ear nose and throat and respiratory tract, vascular, gastrointestinal, and the musculo - skeletal system.
Treatments: Mud, balneotherapy, inhalation, insufflation, idromassoterapiche, inhalation and ventilatory, hydroponic, hydro kinesitherapy, neuromotor rehabilitation, respiratory rehabilitation, physical therapy, massotherapy.

Terme di Bagni di Lucca
Benefits: Skin diseases, gastrointestinal, gynecological, vascular, ear nose and throat and respiratory tract, metabolic and rheumatic diseases.
Treatments:Mineral water treatments, baths, mud baths, inhalations, irrigations and sprays, steam caves, the spa treatments are made of aesthetics, shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, shirodhara, pads and spices, stone massage and therapy of 'grapes.