The ritual of the coffee

For me and many Italians waking up to the smell of freshly prepared coffee is an intrinsic part of our daily routine. Whether it is prepared at home by our mothers or by a friendly barman it something that we cannot start the day without.

When Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 invented the first moka machine, he wouldn't have expected such radical influence in the country's culture. 

The ritual of the coffee made with the moka machine has few but important dogma:

  • The water has to be poor of limestone (so preferably use filtered or bottled water) and the coffee blend has to be a quality one (you probably need to try different blends to find the one that is good for your machine)
  • The base has to be filled up until the safety valve
  • The filter has to be filled with a lot of ground coffee, forming a little hill. 
  • The coffee must not be pressed
  • The heat have to be the lower possible
  • As soon as the coffee is coming out you can raise the lead
  • Just before the last liquid came out move the machine away from the heat
  • Add the sugar straight into the machine before serve, mix well

A riempire una stanza basta una caffettiera sul fuoco. To fill up a room is enough the moka machine on the heat (Erri De Luca)